Replace Books With Technology. Should Or Not?

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In the current digital age, e-books are no longer strange to everyone and some of us are almost turning away from traditional printed books. So will books be replaced by technology? Let’s find out together the following article to help you easily choose between print books and e-books.

Convenience between paper books and e-books

The first thing when it comes to the difference between reading paper books and e-books is the convenience of carrying. For paper books, usually, if readers want to see, they have to carry them with them, this causes a lot of difficulties because there are many types of books that are very thick, creating a heavy feeling when caring for the reader. As for reading e-books, the ebooks are already stored in compact portable devices, making it easy for you to carry and read them wherever and whenever you like. Not only that, it can be said that e-books are one of the huge libraries of books that you can take and move everywhere. Because of this convenience, many young people today still prefer reading e-books over paper books.

The collectability of paper books

The second difference that can be mentioned is collectability. Usually, many book readers have a hobby of regularly collecting and hoarding printed or paper books. Collecting and reading these books makes it possible for readers to create their own reading space in their own right. Besides, collecting books also gives readers a sense of appreciation, cherishing the content of the book is your own. And this is the strength of reading paper books compared to reading e-books.

Impact on health

There have been many studies that suggest that we should not read e-books for too long because when exposed to ebooks for too long, readers will have a feeling of eye pain when using e-books, besides, it will increase the risk of eye diseases when reading e-books for a long time with blue light. Therefore, it can be said that reading paper books is one of the safe ways to read books and can protect your windows to your soul.

Book printing costs

When it comes to printing costs, compared to reading paper books, reading e-books still holds a distinct advantage. Reading e-books like this will help readers save on printing costs or shopping costs. There are many discount codes, coupons for ebooks, which are both convenient and cost-effective. These are the things that young people who love to read want.

E-books or paper books will have different advantages and disadvantages, the integration with each different object. Therefore, I hope that through this article, you will find a method of reading that is best for you, whether it is a paper book or an e-book.

Advantages of printed books

Although more and more reading applications are born that are easy to download and enjoy the pages of free books, not all applications have a clear note function like the convenience that printed books transmit. system brings. On the contrary, when owning printed books, you can use pens with different colors to highlight the sentence you want to attract attention.

It’s very easy to mark the page you’re reading for a printed book, just fold the edge of the paperback as a mark or use a piece of stiff paper that’s slightly longer than the page. Facing the fierce competition between the two forms of reading, e-books are forced to constantly design for readers’ functions such as “bookmarks” to compete with printed books.

Regularly collecting and reading printed books will motivate you to create a reading space with all kinds of your own favorite books, along with a homemade bookshelf of its own. The feeling that every time you see that space, you will feel more cherished and cherished by the content of the books you own, even more special when those books are bought from the money you save or earn.

Advantages of e-books

An undeniable benefit of e-books is that they make it easy for you to own books in less than a few seconds in the blink of an eye, while those who choose to read printed books have to wear rain or shine. put the book and then sit and wait for the book to arrive. Moreover, there are many discount codes, coupons for e-books that will help you save a lot of reading costs.

When using e-books, you own a huge library of books that can be moved anywhere you want, they play a more prominent role when traveling with you far away and of course you can’t. You can’t cram all your favorite books into a travel backpack.

When in public it is impossible to avoid prying eyes, checking to see what you are reading or simply because you are different from everyone else because you are holding a book in your hand and attentively reading a book. . But when reading e-books you are no longer distracted by people around, no one will notice you when holding a mobile phone.


Above is an article about the advantages that printed books and e-books bring. Technology will make our reading more convenient, but you should not overdo it. Hopefully, through this article, you will choose for yourself a suitable form of reading.

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